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Today’s post is all about motivation. I know what it feels like when you feel like you’re not making progress, not getting results, and not moving forward. This happens to the best of us, the strategy is to keep plugging away on your tasks or your to-do list, and eventually, the results will come.

As online business owners, we need to learn delayed gratification. A lot of the time, you need to work upfront before you get the rewards. Whereas with a job, you know you are getting paid at the end of the month no matter what.

However, when you start your own online digital business the right way with the right strategy, you too can make consistent reliable monthly income. If I said to you, you could make 10x what you currently make per month from your day job with your own digital online business would you be willing to start one?

Anyway, this short blog post today is 10 of my favorite motivational quotes to keep you inspired on your journey to success.

Some of these I literally have printed next to my PC.

Take action!

Make progress


“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” – Walt Disney

“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

“You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.” – Unknown

“It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” – Inspirational Quote By Vince Lombardi

“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.” – Og Mandino

“Entrepreneurs Are Great At Dealing With Uncertainty And Also Very Good At Minimizing Risk. That’s The Classic Entrepreneur.” – Mohnish Pabrai

“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.” – Quote By Henry Ford

“What You Lack In Talent Can Be Made Up With Desire, Hustle And Giving 110% All The Time.” – Don Zimmer