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In this blog post, I want to share the “Success Is An Iceberg” illustration (Image source: Ithemes)

I think this is a fantastic way to show how people become successful.

It shows you in its entirety that success is not easy, there are no shortcuts and it takes hard work.

The illustration shows how there are 2 sections to the iceberg.

Section 1 – The top of the iceberg, what everyone sees.

Section 2 – The lower half of the iceberg, the section underwater, below the surface things that people don’t see.

People only ever see the top of the iceberg, the actual success. You may look at people online, who have built successful online businesses, having material objects, living a lifestyle you could only dream of.

BUT people never see all the below surface things that they had to endure to get there like:

Hard work
Good habits

Always remember if you want to see success, you need to take consistent action towards your goal.

Stick at it


Keep moving forward

Never give up

And you will achieve success.