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What has losing weight got to do with building an online business, I hear you ask…

Well, it’s an analogy that I think sums up building a successful online business really well.

Let me explain…

So let’s say your goal is to lose 10kg in 3 months. You start Day 1 raring to go with loads of motivation.

You hit the gym.

You eat right.

Day 2 arrives you do the same.

Everything is looking fine and dandy! You stick to the weight loss program to the letter for 2 days.

Day 3 arrives, and your body is very achy due to the hard gym sessions you have been doing. So you don’t go to the gym on this day, and you end up eating a burger and chips for dinner because you don’t want to cook today.

You think, one burger won’t hurt, right?

Day 4 you skip the gym today too because you’re really tired, and end up snacking throughout the day, slowly falling into your old bad habits.

Day 5 onwards you’re doing exactly the same as you were before, not working out and not eating right.

You did the right things for a couple of days then BOSH!! Before you know it, you’ve fallen back into your old habits. Back to square one.

This is called, as I like to coin it, “motivation going down the pan” AKA losing your initial motivation and giving up.

It happens to all of us.

Its human nature.

How many people start a weight loss program and give up within the first month?

How many people actually complete the program and lose the 10kg?

I would say it’s like 2-3%, probably even less.

So what’s this got to do with building a successful online business?

Well, the principle is the same. Let’s say you start a blog and in the first couple of weeks you get it set up and you start writing content.

After a couple of weeks, your motivation falls and you stop writing. No one is coming to your site and you think who will read it anyway and your blog dies.

It happens all the time.

Statistics show that 99% of blogs fail within the first year… Yes 99%!

So what chance do you have…

The reason why businesses fail at this ridiculous rate is people give up. The solution to this problem is you need to take consistent action.

Taking small steps towards your overall goal, so you’re always progressing.

These small steps will add up to big wins, which is why you treat building an online business like losing weight!

You don’t give up after a few weeks, because you will make no real progress.

You stick at it

You take action each day

You do small tasks every day.

After 6 months you realize you have made massive progress.

Just like if you stuck to a weight loss program for 6 months you would lose weight.

It’s inevitable.

It’s keeping at it, which will lead to success.

The consistent progress will get you the results.

Yes, it’s not easy, but it’s simple!